The Essential Tools for Effective Spa Management

Great Spa managers are not born…THEY ARE TRAINED!


Education is the distinguishing factor in the ever-rising competition today. The decisions one makes can make or mar the spa. Knowledge about treatment and being able to handle different people will not suffice even though it is not possible for you to be a good spa manager without that. A right spa manager knows further details such as spa specific finance, relevant KPIs, marketing and PR, HR and leadership, operations fundamentals, customer service as well as knowing which the related reports and SOPs are.


Hiring spa managers with the right skill set has become a significant challenge on the spa and wellness industry as many of the individuals available for the job is either not qualified or not having the necessary experience. According to research and survey, 95% of the spa leaders across the world are having a challenge of finding the right managers for the job, people with both the experience and qualification. Hard skills in business and management such as strategic planning, Marketing, and PR, Revenue management and finance are the essential missing in the persons that apply to become spa managers.


Life Wellness brings to you the most comprehensive “real life” spa management in Spa Management course. Our lecturers are made of high-class experts who have the necessary experience, as well as experienced spa educators.



  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
  • Human Resources
  • Business plan




If you have the most fabulous spa in the world and no one has heard about it, it’s as good as non-existent.

This is where marketing and PR come in to create a successful spa; you will learn this in this course.

  • Introduction to Spa Industry
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Marketing analysis
  • Public relation and promotion
  • Social media
  • Retail management
  • Marketing plan




Many spa managers are afraid to talk about finance, but in this module, we will explain in details what it is all about.

  • Finance fundamentals
  • Key Performance indicators
  • Effective Scheduling
  • Revenue management fundamentals
  • Profit & loss statement and monthly reports





In this module, you will learn how to pull the whole of your team to walk in the right direction you have found out for the spa.

  • Leadership fundamentals
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict handling and Problem solving
  • Communication




The quality of service presented to your customers is essential, so we would be helping you understand that in this module.

  • Operations fundamentals
  • Customer Service
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Concept and menu
  • Routines and standards





HR is the most crucial skill as it affects a significant part of your spa, which is your staffs. In this module, we will teach you all about it.

  • HR fundamentals
  • Induction and new staff onboarding
  • Contract and job description
  • HR manual





Consider it a blueprint giving you the skeleton of all your operations, from where you are, where you are set to reach, how it should be done, and a whole lot of other things. These are the things you will learn in this module.

  • Business plan fundamentals
  • Business plan

5 Weeks
Once a week

Zoom online Rs.65,000

In-person classroom Rs.85,000


Q : Who can attend?

  • Spa Owners, Managers, and Directors, who would love to learn a new perspective on active management.
  • Spa supervisors, Spa Therapists or Receptionists Attendants, who seek development.
  • Fitness Instructors/Personal trainers who want to handle the fitness or spa facilities.
  • People in the health and wellness industry who want a kick-start a career in the spa industry
  • Newcomers to the industry who want knowledge to explore and gain insight.

Q : What are the objectives of the courses?

  • The objective of the courses is to instill the right skills with all regards to business and planning within the participants. The skill set learned would suffice in helping to open a spa, clarify the duty of the spa manager and how to effectively run the spa, and also position the spa for future growth.
  •  To help in you developing an accurate strategic planning skill needed to help you design your business model and marketing plan based on the
    industry analysis and target market research, as well as proper branding and marketing of your spa.
  • Learn how to develop an integrated service culture that supports profitability, use the skill of effective HR strategy to manage and sustain your team,
    retaining them and gaining their trust at the same time.
  • We focus on the practical sessions to help you learn the right things to be implemented as you learn.
  • Life Wellness Spa Management course will significantly increase your career opportunities and earning potentials.

Q : Who are the instructors?

The entirety of the instructing team is made up of internationally qualified experts in Spa and wellness as well as experienced spa educators.

Q : Certification?

The Spa Management Diploma consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) paper and assignments.

Q : Will this course help secure a job as a Spa manager?

After successful completion of our course, you will be awarded a diploma in Spa management which is widely recognized.
You can also choose to be part of our graduate’s networking group and be open to job opportunities around the world.

Q : Why choose Life Wellness for Spa Management?

Over the years, we have gained much grounds and gathered a lot of experience, and we want to share from our wealth of knowledge and help impact spa managers positively to become more confident and gather better skills to cover up for non-educated spa managers. Our course is market-oriented, and the proof is in how we keep updating it each year.