Does Life Wellness offer any alternatives to your full-service spa management solutions?

Suppose you have a spa, fitness or leisure facility that is either brand new or under-performing. In that case, Life Wellness can identify ways to significantly impact both the quality and standards of the guest experience and both top and bottom-line results. We do this through operational audits and ongoing spa consultancy services for clients who wish to manage their spas but who may require support and resources that they do not have internally.

Spa Audit Services

We believe that an independent mystery spa audit can be highly helpful in revealing shortcomings and missed opportunities while also highlighting what works well. Life Wellness spa audit is one of the most comprehensive spa-specific auditing systems available today.

Our system allows us to assess every aspect of the spa operation from which we compile a detailed audit report and compete with a comprehensive action plan for successful implementation.


Life Wellness Operational Support include:

• Support and guidance for continued success in all areas of the operation
• Biweekly calls with key on-site spa team members
• Periodic site visits by senior Life Wellness executives
• Consistent communication with the spa manager/director and staff

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