What support can Life Wellness provide in our recruiting efforts?

Life Wellness screens and interviews vast number of applicants for positions with our firm. Taking your facility’s specific needs into account, we provide our clients with the best possible talent to match requirements for individual spas, Wellness and leisure facilities. 


Positions we can assist in recruiting include:
• Spa Director and Assistant Spa Directors
• Spa Operations Manager
• Marketing/Sales Director
• Qualified Therapists, Estheticians and Nail Technicians
• Salon Personnel
• All other support staff

How would Life wellness provide support, resources and training for my spa?

Our Life Wellness international academy provides specific training in all areas of spa operations for key management staff and for service providers. We focus on all areas related to the business of operating a spa, we also offer a complete team approach to supporting the staff throughout daily operations. This includes educational training through webinars, on-site training and group discussions with other Life wellness educators. We have also created our unique Knowledge Network which allows our staff to communicate on an interactive basis with one another to consistently garner new ideas, trends, best practices and ways to maximize revenue, expense management and bottom line productivity. This training and support is continuous from the moment a staff member joins the Life wellness team.

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