The singing bowl is a fantastic technique where bowls are used to effect proper healing.  When sets in use, they provide a very mild and swollen vibration that sink deep into your physical, mental and psychological being. These vibrations cause a tremendous amount of relaxation and a feeling of peace. Singing bowl massage helps to revitalize your body by returning it to its natural frequencies as well as restoring a healthy body. This course will demonstrate everything you need to know about the Tibetan singing bowl treatment and how it can be combined with massage


This course will give you the perfect skill set and understanding of the singing bowl massage and how to flow with the music and sound to bring a positive effect on the human being. It will help you to be familiar with different techniques of singing bowls as well as Tingsha bells; you will be able to explain the nuances and feeling of singing bowl massage and to be a master in tailoring them according to what the client needs.


As much as having a piece of sound knowledge in the beauty and spa industries and added advantage, those who no prior experience can also Fill in. The diploma in Tibetan singing bowl massage is open to all.




  • Introduction
  • History
  • Sound and music
  • The Effect of the Sound on the Body and Mind
  • The Diagnosis Methods
  • The Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage
  • How to Choose a Singing Bowl
  • Single bowl session
  • Complete session of the Tibetan singing bowl massage




Theoretical Examination:    Multiple choice questions (MCQ) exam

Practical Examination: 1-hour Tibetan singing bowl massage




The overall qualification is graded:

Pass – 60% – 74%

Merit – 75% – 89%

Distinction – 90%-100%

This is formed by the collective mark for the multiple-choice questions papers and the final practical examination





Diploma in Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage.

60 Hours